Happy New Year!

It's the greeting people automatically share with friends, family, store clerks and everyone else at this time of year. And why not? Of course you want the New Year to bring happiness to those you encounter. Unfortunately, there's little you can do to make that wish come true for most of the people you greet.

Not so with your business. Professionally speaking, the question of whether 2014 will be a happy and successful New Year is largely in your control. Making the wish a reality is mostly a matter of heeding the necessary warning signs--and seizing the opportunities that are out there. The suggestions and insights in this edition of the first quarter PEI Journal can help you do just that.

The PEI Journal is published quarterly and sent to each PEI member company, listed branches and O&E members as part of their member benefits. Each issue offers insightful articles to help your business grow, discover new industry trends and increase efficiencies.

What's ahead for the petroleum and energy handling industry? From emerging fuels to new regulations, the PEI Journal offers perspective on coming industry trends.

Additional subscriptions are available to members for $49. Nonmembers may subscribe to the magazine for $129 per year.

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Your Best Advertising Option

PEI provides advertisers with the opportunity to build strong brand awareness and recognition. An impressive 96% of PEI members indicate they read the PEI Journal. To learn more click here or download our media kit.

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